Course List
Required Core Courses (18 credits)
A ED 811 New Media and Pedagogy
An exploration of the relationships between new forms of communication technologies and beliefs about the nature of knowledge and the nature of art.
3 credits
A ED 812 Diversity, Visual Culture, and Pedagogy
Diversity matters in museum and K–12 art education contexts.
3 credits
A ED 813 Contemporary Art and Public Pedagogy
Inquiry into the public pedagogy of contemporary art and other forms of visual culture for relevancy to museum and K–12 art education contexts.
3 credits
A ED 814 Pedagogy of Informal Learning
Pedagogy and contexts for learning in museums and other cultural institutions.
3 credits
A ED 815 Action Research in Art/Museum Education
Develop a reflective process with the aim of improving strategies, practices, and knowledge of the environments within which you practice art education.
3 credits
A ED 594 Research Topics
Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
3 credits

The following courses are approved foundational courses for this program.

Foundational Courses (6 credits)*
C I 550 Overview of Contemporary School Curriculum
Current school programs and options and their impact on pupils; problems in introducing new content into the curriculum.

Prerequisite: 12 credits in education and psychology or teaching experience
3 credits
EDLDR 551 Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice
The analysis and use of the foundations that underlie models of curriculum design.
3 credits
EDLDR 560 Principles of Instructional Supervision
Social and institutional settings for instructional supervision; functions, activities, and practices of supervision; supervisory case studies.
3 credits
EDLDR 563 Designing Staff Development Programs
Designing, implementing, and evaluating effective staff development programs for personnel in educational settings.
3 credits
ADTED 460 Intro to Adult Education
History, methods, agencies, program areas, and problems of adult education in the United States.
3 credits
ADTED 498 Teaching Adults Responsibility
Virtues operating in particular teaching situations are examined. Also examined are opportunities and challenges enabling and constraining those virtues.
3 credits
*You must speak with an art education academic adviser before choosing your foundational courses.

The following courses are approved as 400-level or above electives for this program.

Elective Courses (6 credits)*
EDLDR 553 Issues in Curriculum
The course provides a broad overview of contemporary school-based issues that stem from or become associated with the school curriculum.
3 credits
C I/EDLDR 501 Teaching as Inquiry
In this course, students are expected to complete a sustained, systematic inquiry (typically empirical in nature).
3 credits
LL ED 502 Studies in Literature for Children
Study of various genres of children's literature from various critical perspectives; emphasis on role of literature in children's lives.
3 credits
ADTED 470 Introduction to Distance Education
An introduction to the history, philosophy, organizations, learning theories, and instructional procedures used in American and international distance education.
3 credits
EDTEC 440 Introduction to Computers for Educators
Use of personal computers, video, and other media in education; models use technologies that include video, audio, print, computer, and telephone.
3 credits
EDTEC 448 Using Internet in the Classroom
An introduction to methods and models of using the Internet effectively in the classroom.

Prerequisite: EDTEC 400 or demonstrated Internet awareness
3 credits
*You must speak with an art education academic adviser before choosing your elective courses.

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