Payment Options

There are several payment options available to you:

  1. Personal Payment: There are many options for payment including a deferred payment plan. Please see paying for your education for more information.
  2. Payment Plan: The Office of the Bursar's Web site has a complete listing of payment plan options available.
  3. Authorization to Bill Employer: If your employer has a program or budget for employee education, you may be able to pay for your education this way. To do so, a formal, written authorization to bill your employer must be submitted prior to registration. Your employer must then pay your tuition bill within 60 days.
  4. Financial Aid: There are many grants, loans, and scholarships available to students pursuing higher education. To learn more about which options might be available to you, visit our financial aid page.
  5. Military Options: A wide variety of educational funding programs is offered by the U.S. armed forces. To discuss which programs are suitable for your specific situation, contact Penn State's Office of Veterans Programs.

For detailed information about how to pay for your online courses, contact Student Services.