Atrium's Little, EDU based, Brother is born

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It's a silly title but the ELMS Distribution Alpha 5 has been released! I'm very happy with where things are heading with ELMS now that I've transitioned the platform completely to a Spaces / OG / Features / Context / Views / CCK based platform. There have been 11 features created as part of ELMS Alpha 5 and I've posted 24 module releases to or in the last 24 hours. It's been a wild ride but the reason that I say this is atrium's little brother is that it's essentially the same backbone as Atrium (Spaces, OG, PURL, Features) but flavored for education.

Much of the code that has been written for ELMS will work in Open Atrium or any other Spaces based platform. For example: projects like Workflow PURL integration, Feeds RID Map, Feeds Node Helper, Spaces OG Clone, Spaces Theme, and the Regions API should all work outside of ELMS. Most of the projects released as part of this build are applicable to any Drupal site! Regions and the 3 implemented regions in ELMS should deploy against any Drupal site.

It has been my philosophy to make ELMS a user of Drupal modules, not a builder of custom code. This has lead to a very small amount of code and features being written specific for the ELMS platform itself. I hope more people can benefit from the development of ELMS as a result of this development philosophy. This also can provide greater code security as more pieces will be audited outside of the EDU context. This was an absolute must in my mind because a large reason I didn't develop for Moodle was the quality of the Drupal core product and community around it.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy the modules that have been released and any feedback on the distribution is most welcome. Make sure you read the README.txt file before reporting issues as you need to make sure error reporting is not printed to the screen on install (again, this is still alpha). This should be the last release marked alpha as we'll be running something similar to this for the Spring semester (after User experience testing). Here's the tutorial series recorded for the website about ELMS